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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

May 2010 Stapleton Family Review :P

May was a great month with of course my Sweet Kaiya's 4th birthday and just enjoying the beautiful weather in an impomptu picnic that turned into a wrestling, goose changing, bug explorations, and running as far as they could! Such a great day! Then the Egg Hunt at Mom and Dad's thh kids were so fast that Em and I had touble getting the kids without flurry flying bys, it was great! Then me and the ladies taking in a break with some salad.... they were near me ... because hey love salad...more then me :P The end is Cassie posing with some of her faves, Tinkerbell, DJ Lance Rocks and Princess Tiana <3 Great month, I hope these are in order, i get confused easy :P so if they, just read in reverse!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

April 2010 Summary of the Stapleton Family

April Was a fun filled and crazy month. I will start going through the pictures and list the general desciption of them:) It starts with the Papa coming down in his new Ford Focus and alos bring the girls Easter gitsts, the were retty excited! Then early the next morning, we took off for the ODU Easter Egg Hunt which was cold but fun! Then the Westerville Rec Center Hallaballo! Loads of fun! Then my sweet Kaiya got sent to Children's Hospital due to a extremely high fever 104-106 that we could not get down, turns out my little one has phenomia and was given several IV antibotics and we were sent home with some too:( That next morningMiss Cassie got her cast off and was excellent throughout the whole procedure and her arm healed perfectly. Thank you God! Then Preston, I and the girls did some egg decorating and it was fun and messy all at the sametime! Cassie then found her new hot spot, she ate all meals there for about a month, its out little tikes diner we have.... so funny! Then finally, we have the girls posing, laughing and dancing in their beautiful Easter dresses from Preston's Mom. Great Month!!!!!